Feb 20

Welcome to the NEW Dreamsville Forum!


Welcome to the new forum.


Hope you like the new look, find it easy to use and you will enjoy joining in with the conversations.


If you haven't done so already, you will need to sign up for the new forum - your old forum details won't work here!


Please try to keep your posts relevant to the forum...

"William's World" is for anything related to the work of the boss - Bill Nelson.

"World Outside the Window" is for general comments about...whatever you like really!

"World and His Wife" is an area for fans to discuss their own musical creations.


One last thing - please play nicely, personal insults or offensive posts will be deleted and the author will be banned from the forum.

Feb 20

I'm excited for an updated forum! Hope we can transfer some of the awesome posts over from the old one.

Feb 20

Yes, it looks great and it clearly needed to happen. ...but is there anything you can do about the time it takes each page to load over here? I keep thinking the site has crashed. I read every conversation and, at present, that's going to be a slow business in this format.

Feb 20

I'm not experiencing any issues at my location in the northwest USA.

Feb 20

No loading issues here, either.


Did have a log-in issue, as my new password wouldn't "take" for some reason. All good after a few tries, though.


Will need to get used to the new layout.



Both Jon and I would like to thank the kind forum members who helped test this site a bit. Thanks Phil (wadcorp), Alec (alec), Nick (Tourist in Wonderland), and Michael (Quinault). Hopefully I have not missed anyone?


We still have lots to learn. But if you need any help, just ask.

Feb 20

Looks like one of the main things to learn will be users real names! Ha ha.

Feb 20

And when you do change your screen name, it backdates it to change the name on messages you've already posted! Clever!

Feb 20

Eeeh... it's a brave new world for young moderns. Onwards and upwards!

Very slick! Well done all involved that put this together....makes it much easier to post photos..


...like this!

I shall look forward to playing around and exploring all the new features! 👍

Feb 20

Testing, testing...

Bill at The Stables, Milton Keynes 2003


Feb 20

Will take a bit of getting used to.


Cheers, 'Pod

Feb 20


Present & accounted for!


Just checking in and to express my gratitude to all who worked on putting this new forum together for all of us to benefit from & enjoy communicating with fellow Nelsonians. Thank you!

Posted a comment and a photograph last night...seemed to work ok, but when I checked back today, couldn't find the photo' or comment.

I did post something in a different thread which seems to be still there. Is this just senior pilot error I wonder? But it's a very clean, sleek look to the forum, which I like.


Wonder about emoticons and PMs though...Do those facilities exist here?



Feb 21

There was a picture and post from you in the Mick Ronson thread...was it that one you thought?



There isn’t a specific list to chose from but you can add them from your phone, need to see if there is a way of adding them from a standard computer keyboard. 👍🏻

As for PMs, I’m not too sure, I’ll look into the possibilities.

Feb 21

Further to my last comment - to add emoticons from a Mac computer, there's a tiny bit of setting up, but once it's done, then it's pretty easy...


-Click on the Apple Logo (top left)

-Select 'System Preferences'

-Select 'Keyboard'

-Tick the box that says "Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar"


A box-shaped icon should appear in the top menu, click on that and you can select all sorts of emojis and symbols ➪ just double click or drag them onto the text... 🤓


For Windows computers...Hmmm, I've no idea sorry, will need a Windows expert to help me out here!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Feb 21

I'm not seeing (but likely missing) the thread button that takes you to the last unread post. Clicking on the thread just takes you to Post #1, and you have to scroll through everything.

Feb 21

I don't think that's possible now that there are threaded replies. I've noticed if I click on the "check it out" button from an email I receive about a new post, it takes me to the new post.

Feb 21Edited: Feb 21

This is a real shame. I can’t see me having the time to wade through posts I’ve already seen. Surely there is a way round this. If not, eventually it will be pages and pages of posts.

Feb 22

Congrats guys on the new forum. It's going to take some getting used to. Us old folks are slow to accept change. (No smileys?) I sure that I will get there in the end and be the same old nuisance that i was on the old forum. (no smileys?)


Will the old topics be copied over or do we simply have to start over?

Feb 22

How do I get to be merikan1 again? Or are we going to have to use our real names.

Feb 22

You can edit your name in your profile.

Feb 22

@Pathdude Thanks. I had tried that but I apparently edited it in the wrong place (in Account Settings). All good now. All that remains is to decide if I want to upload my ugly picture or some other image that captures my weak, black-hearted, corrupted self . Decisions, decisions!

Feb 22

Hey! I made it in. Now to make sure the new profile is taken care of....

Feb 22


Hello, from sunny Florida!

So far, I'm liking the new forum. I will have to get used to it. I do hope the personal message service is available. Even though I don't use it often, it's a crucial part of my Dreamsville experience, and keeping up with fellow Nelsonians. Thanks, to all who helped make this possible.

I'm sure I'll have questions later, but for now, cheers!





Feb 22

I like the new site but I too find it painfully slow to load no matter which browser or device I am using.

I'm not experiencing any problems with slow loading on my iMac. Seems to work as normal. But I do worry about the lack of PMs which I know a lot of Dreamsville members use to communicate with each other privately. Let's hope Jon can sort something out, though it may be a feature that simply isn't available on the new forum.


Unfortunately, the old forum will eventually be taken out of action. It still resides on SOS's server and will need to be retired fairly soon. I do hope that the old forum can be archived in some way as a reference resource. My many forum answers to various questions posed by fans certainly should be kept available for future research. But we'll see what can be done.😃

Feb 23

I have been experimenting with a new 'Chat' facility - it should appear at the bottom fight of your screens and means you can (hopefully) send messages to other Dreamsville members...let's see if it works and what you think of it...

Mar 2

@Jon tried chatting with Steve and he couldn't reply from his phone.

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  • Was watching You Tube just now and a great hour long video popped up all by itself! Visions, Hauntings, Hallucinations. Watching it now. Thanks Bill!
  • Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone for their amazing kindness and warmth we were welcomed to last Saturday . As a lifelong fan of Bill Nelson it was an honour to be invited to the Old Haunts Event to represent our daughter`s charity Sara`s Hope Foundation A sincere thank you to Bill for his loyal support and having Bill as a Patron of Sara`s charity means so much to me and my family .Through Bill`s music I have met so many amazing people who we consider family . Ian Haydock, Eddie McSheffrey,Duncan Noons, Paul Gilby,Jon Wallinger,Martin Bostock, Caroline and Colin Hunter are such a great team and a lovely bunch of warm hearted people who always organise a wonderful event ..right from the Nelsonica`s to the recent event. I must say a big thank you to a great guy Mike Robinson for donating the magnificent guitar which Bill kindly personalised with his unique style of artwork. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets for the charity prize draw and congratulations to the worthy winner.Another special guy who is a loyal supporter of Sara`s charity Paul Cosgrove presented us with a cheque for 322.50 from his work and our lovely friend from Ireland made a cash donation - Thank you Eugene and Noleen ! In total the charity raised an amazing 1679.50 GBP... We were over the moon but not surprised as Bill and his Nelsonian family have always been very generous to our daughters charity . Bill was is superb form and we loved every second of his live performance and were blown away with the Old Haunts album ...a magical and memorable day So thank you Bill , Emi ,Elle Elliot and Julia for your kindness and to Bill for making music which is both magical , unique and always connects with my heart - See you next year Warmest wishes Ged Julie Sara Mark and Faye xxxxx
  • Just taking a break from editing Saturdays pictures and thought I’d announce that there were a few signed prints left over from Saturday’s Old Haunts launch that I’m pleased to be able to offer for sale on a strictly first come first served basis. Prints are approx 19inches x 13inches. (Please note the attached pictures are quick snaps of the prints taken on my phone and do not reflect the quality of the printed item) The prints are Number 1 (limited to 20) Number 2 (limited to 10) Number 3 (limited to 20) There’s less than half of 1 and 3 and only 1 of number 2 left. Prices : 1 print £30 + p&p 2 prints £55 + p&p 3 prints £75 + p&p UK postage is £4 second class signed for. Please contact me for overseas shipping rates. Please email me at prints@martinbostock.co.uk to reserve one. Cheers, Martin

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