Aug 15

The Light has arrived!


Stand By: Light Coming has gently glided through the letter box this morning here in sunny Wiltshire.



Mine arrived yesterday in Dover, DE USA! I'm so excited to give it a first listen today......Stand By!!!!

Aug 15

Take a picture of it in your shoe, and you can be Light in your loafers.


I’ll get me coat…



Got home from work and the CD had to listened to before I make dinner.

This is possibly the best CD bill has produced for years, the fantastic opening track is a gateway to a Cd that is all killer and no filler

Aug 16

Really love this one. Thanks for another great disc of music, Bill.

Aug 16

“Light” has arrived in Kansas City.



Aug 16

My copy arrived today here in sunny Florida, although it's been mostly rainy recently. Now that the light has come, I cannot wait to hear the music. Thanks once again, Bill.

And thanks to Burning Shed for such a timely delivery. My birthday is Saturday. Are you listening, Phil?

Aug 16

Today is my anniversary. I got a package from the UK. Heaven. I should keep it for my birthday in a 12 days but I won't.

I know I’m old and my eyes are going but please don’t let me be the only one who picked up their cd, looked at the track listing and misread track one “Flicker And Fade” as “F**ker And Fade” 😂.

Really loved this album on first listen, I’m sure it’s going to be a big favourite

Received my copy yesterday, this is an instant classic after the first hearing

Aug 16Edited: Aug 16

I just listened for the first time, and what a powerful album this is. A great first release for the year! Our Bill does Bill Nelson better than anyone.

I'm looking forward to the album further revealing itself over time.


Oh, and David it may be time for a new pair of glasses. (Haven't worked out emoticons yet, or there would be a laughing one where this lengthy sentence is.)

Aug 16

Arrived in NorCal 💪✨✨

I like this. For me the stand out track is 'No Room in My Head'. Anyone else agree, or as usual...

Aug 17

Mmm...don't know about a standout track, I think this album has a great overall flow to it, pulls you along....but, 'Fading Away', is great way to finish..😉

Aug 17

My problem is that each track is a standout track for one reason or other. Am currently on first listen to the CD and on the 10th track, My Shadow Cast By Midnight Moon. 🕛 🌚 Living for this swish-swish rhythm.

Thanks so much for the positive comments so far...'Stand By Light Coming' is actually a newer album, well ahead of the backlog of earlier unreleased albums that I'm holding in reserve.


But those many unreleased albums are all excellent, and the problem, for me, is what to release when, and how to fit them into a more practical consideration of preparing artwork and scheduling manufacturing deadlines.


The given industry system, unfortunately, seems slow, well at least compared to my constantly evolving, and non-stop electrical sparking of new creative ideas. It's rather frustrating at times but reality denies the rapid release of new work and I'm, unfortunately, bound and tetherd by the constraints of the system. Wish it were otherwise, but there we are and there we go....



Aug 19

The light arrived in Atlanta. Have had two listens and first impressions are that, wow, this is really chock-full and Bill seems to be pulling out all the stops. I'm hearing similarities to "Satellite Songs" and gasp... "Blue Moons and Laughing Guitars". I don't know if the Brits have this expression, and maybe it's me being an American southerner, but this is a "humdinger"!

Aug 19

A ‘corker’

My copy arrived last Saturday and it's been my work commute companion all week. Gotta say, this one knocked me over immediately and is up there will my favorite Bill albums. Ironically, I can't 'No Room In My Head' out of my head. What deliciously funky track.


Now where's that Last Lamplighter companion album we've been promised? Fingers crossed it'll be soon.

Pre ordered mine weeks ago. Should i be concerned it's not arrived yet?

Aug 25

I would get in touch with Burning Shed, just to check your order...they should have been shipped a couple of weeks ago???

Loving the new album, Bill! Lots of really great tracks (especially enjoying the opener). I know we all keep saying it, but how on earth do you maintain this level of creativity?


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