Jul 26


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What an incredibly frustrating day it has been. If anyone doubts the downside of technology, read my latest journal entry and weep...


Sympathies Bill. As a SysAdmin for a creative company for over 9 years I feel your pain. The rub is that the Zoom device will probably be supported in the near future, but the near future is not today or tomorrow. Best to get production rigs set up and and do security upgrades only without a lot of searching to ensure all your gear and software versions are supported. I wish you luck and hope you are back in the saddle soon!

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  • Can anyone tell me if Bill tunes his instruments to A = 432 htz
  • Hey guys so I'm just looking for some advice as someone who is completely new to playing an instrument. I've been wanting to try learning an instrument for a while and I've been interested particularly in brass and woodwind instruments. I know learning them can be quite hard and time consuming but if I really enjoy it I can spend 1-2 hours most days practicing. The main instrument I've been looking at, the oboe, I've read and been told is one of the hardest instruments and should not be a hobby instrument. I would like to be able to play beginner music within a year or so, should I even bother with the oboe? Do instruments like the flute and trumpet have easier learning curves? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Just playing disc 1 (got copy off Ebay) - sounds fab - any fan thoughts?

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