Sep 10

Stand By - Light Coming....


Well, here I am.....first post in what feels like a VERY long time......


I've not been here 5 minutes and I've ordered a CD!


Hope Bill is keeping well and I look forward to hearing my first Bill Nelson album of the year!


Shocking isn't it? ,)

Sep 10

Welcome back Felix T...I’m sure you’ll be more than pleased with your new purchase!!! 😜

Sep 11

Nice to see ya back lad!


...and while you've got the wallet out, may I highly recommend Bill's last/latest download album,


'The Last Lamplighter' is the companion piece to the last CD 'Stand By : Light Coming', which I presume may be the one you bought?, and is simply magnificent!!..(they both are)


A wonderful way to spend a tenner and it's instantly yours!


In fact I'm listening to The Last Lamplighter as I type this message..can't stop playing it,

just buy it son, you know it makes sense!😉

The two albums feel like one cohesive work. Some of Bill's strongest work yet. They've been my companions on long commutes for the past few weeks and reveal more with each listen.

Sep 11

Is 'The Last Lamplighter' only available as a download?


What else have I missed out on?


The last previous purchase I made was 'Dynamos And Tremelos'


Nice to see you're keeping up our end, Tourist ;) Life is a whole lot busier for me nowadays so I just don't have the time to keep up like I used to...….. But I do miss everybody. I hope all my Dreamsville friends are keeping well?


Anyone heard from Astrophobia/Asterisk/Ne Plus Ultra or whatever he's calling himself nowadays....?


I too have been wondering where Asterisk (et al) is. I don't think he has posted in a few years. Hope he is well.

Sep 11



Mondo Johnny




Andy George


Bob K






James Ellis


Play My Theremin (sorry, couldn't remember most recent moniker ;) )


Puzzle Oyster






Radium Girl




Mr. Mercury


wonder toy


Paul Smith


Phil K




Billy Wakefield




Darth Shelton (are you paying attention ;) )


The Nelsonica team


Bill Nelson


Anyone else I have missed - please forgive me - I'm going by pure, addled memory.... ;)


Love to you all......



Sep 12


Sep 11

Oh! Jings crivens….!


My very good friend, Alec - should've been top of that list.....!!


Give me a shout, Alec - would be nice to re-connect :)





Sep 11

Yes, Lamplighter IS download only... Other releases since Dynamos are:- Auditoria (3 CD set), physical CD box has sold out, but it is available as a download. Stand By: Light Coming... is the forerunner to Lamplighter, still available to buy from Burning Shed. Plus several out of print albums are now available as downloads from Bandcamp. Check out the Store at Dreamsville for a full list of what’s available!!!

Sep 11

Hey Felix T !!!! welcome home. U been lost in the highlands and moors !?

Must admit also to not posting as frequently as before on the old forum.

Good to see your name back in the frame.

Often wonder where some of the other regular names have disappeared to?

Life gets in the way I guess.

Hey Ian! Really good to hear from you fellah, been too long!

I don’t visit Dreamsville as frequently as I used to, though I’m keeping pace with our Bill’s output, so it was a nice surprise to see your post! Hope all is good in Felixworld and that we’ll all meet up again at some point...maybe at November’s cd launch?



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