Sep 13

Small Red birds

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Hello! Can anyone assist me in finding the origin of the samples used in this song? They all sound ("here comes another day with nothing to do", etc..) of a piece, but I cannot find the source material anywhere. Of course Bill could have had someone just read the lines directly, but I feel they are from another source. Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks - Skywhale

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  • Hey guys so I'm just looking for some advice as someone who is completely new to playing an instrument. I've been wanting to try learning an instrument for a while and I've been interested particularly in brass and woodwind instruments. I know learning them can be quite hard and time consuming but if I really enjoy it I can spend 1-2 hours most days practicing. The main instrument I've been looking at, the oboe, I've read and been told is one of the hardest instruments and should not be a hobby instrument. I would like to be able to play beginner music within a year or so, should I even bother with the oboe? Do instruments like the flute and trumpet have easier learning curves? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Just playing disc 1 (got copy off Ebay) - sounds fab - any fan thoughts?

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