Aug 5

Next Cherry Red Release?


Has it been decided what album will next be given the Cherry Red treatment?

I may stand corrected but I thought the Cherry Red deal had come to an end? I think Dreamy Screens was the last in 2017.


Agreed. But isn't Esoteric a Cherry Red label - Snetherton might have been thinking of the BBD boxsets. In which case I guess the answer is "Modern Music", since I remember Bill saying that he had been signing postcards for it.

Yes. Sorry for the confusion. By saying Cherry Red I also mean Esoteric, so really I meant to say what is the next BBD (or Red Noise) album to get the 'treatment'?

Regarding the Esoteric reissues, whatever happened with Demonstrations Of Affection? Based on the wonderful sounding selections from the Practice of Everyday Life box, this collection would seem to benefit the most from remastering.

im hoping all the be bop albums get this treatment . the first 2 are superb.

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