Aug 15

Meeting Before the Launch Party?


There was a meet up before the 2017 event in a converted boat near to the University. Is there to be a similar gathering this year? If so, could I suggest the pub on the main road just up from the campus. I forget the name of the place.

Aug 15

its usually in the Fenton

Aug 16

The Fenton is usually after the event. The boat was the Dry Dock . I liked it well enough but the last time, the service was so bad we had to cancel our dinner orders in order to make it back after the break. Nobody wanted to go back last year. In fact, a fairly large group ended up at the Radisson bar. I am sure somebody will come up with some place.

Aug 16

Oops. Mis-remembered. That was on the Friday night. 🤔

Aug 16

Everybody… over to Bill’s house.



This will be my first launch party (never been to a Nelsonica either) yet been a fan since 1976!!! I know its a disgrace.


I take it, based on this thread, there is usually a meet up before the event which sounds great but where do people usually stay? Will be coming up with the non Bill Nelson fan wife on the Friday.


What sort of merch is there to buy, i.e. should I bring lots of cash!!


Must say I am really looking forward to it.

Hello Steve

There will be an official announcement i presume, previous years there were no credit card facilities in previous meetings/concerts and cash was always king .

stock up on the readies!!

There will be unique Bill Nelson Framed Artworks, Commemorative Event Posters Latest cd's past stock cd's possibly some t-shirts tote bags, printed flyers, badges.

a few ''special'' OOP cd's that Bill usually supplies from his Endless secret stock.

(first come first served!)

Previous years sound on sound supplied all the merch facilities there may be an announcement later to give us all an idea of the new set up..


Yep! That's it The Fenton. I like that. Popped in there twice at the last event I attended. To be honest I also didn't think much to The Dry Dock. The aura just wasn't right!

The Fenton Is The Place For a manner of reasons.

Friendly staff...

Great untouched english pub with many rooms and numerous space & seating arrangements


Plenty of special beers ciders spirits to drink for all tastes

Nearest Pub to the Clothworkers Hall.

Stop off pub at interval time no need to stray downtown all on the doorstep of the event...

See you in the Fenton. The Lady and I will be in there before, interval and after; (if we stay over and don't rush for the train).

I personally wont be over till the Saturday but I am staying over 1 night only at The Ibis. I look forward to meeting you all in The Fenton........ before, interval, and after the event :)

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