Oct 26

Dinner on Friday


Hey Guys and Gals! Looking forward to Bill's concert on the 9th. Meet up at the Raddisson Blu bar on Friday night at 7pm is okay with you all?





Oct 28

I think Bruce, Linda and I will be there. We fly in on Friday, but I don't remember what time we get into town.


Cheers, 'Pod.

Oct 29

Cool! Looking forward to seeing you 'Pod hopefully on Friday night. And, hoping other Nelson fans will come by the Raddisson Blu.



Oct 30

Hi Dadadi,


I was wondering if you would be there. So glad to hear that you will. We (Linda, moi and 'Pod) will be arriving Friday morning. Staying at the Radisson as usual. 19:00 (7 pm for you Americans) sounds good.


The more the merrier y'all (😁 still got a bit of 'merican in me after more than 25 years living in Europe)

I won't be there Friday night but i am traveling over Saturday morning.

Where is the meet up Saturday for pre drinks The Fenton?

Nov 3

Great to hear from you Axe Victim! Not sure the plans for Saturday afternoon lunch/drinks, but it sounds good to me. Will let you know via the forum or maybe by text if one of us has you number.


Have a safe trip everyone!





Nov 7

Have fun, you guys! Wish I were going to be there, but I will be in spirit, and wish you all a fantastic time.

Sorry you won't be there dude. Gonna buy the stream? At least you can hear the live set.

7 days ago

Arrived in Leeds..working my way round usual pubs..currently in The Scarborough..looking forward to tomorrow

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  • Just taking a break from editing Saturdays pictures and thought I’d announce that there were a few signed prints left over from Saturday’s Old Haunts launch that I’m pleased to be able to offer for sale on a strictly first come first served basis. Prints are approx 19inches x 13inches. (Please note the attached pictures are quick snaps of the prints taken on my phone and do not reflect the quality of the printed item) The prints are Number 1 (limited to 20) Number 2 (limited to 10) Number 3 (limited to 20) There’s less than half of 1 and 3 and only 1 of number 2 left. Prices : 1 print £30 + p&p 2 prints £55 + p&p 3 prints £75 + p&p UK postage is £4 second class signed for. Please contact me for overseas shipping rates. Please email me at prints@martinbostock.co.uk to reserve one. Cheers, Martin
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