Jul 16

Bill Nelson song compilation


I've made myself various Bill Nelson 'compilation CDs for my own pleasure over the years. Just the thing to have in the car, rather than having dozens of separate CDs. Making up a compilation CD isn't as easy a task as it might at first seem, due to the amount of material to chose from. I also can see why Bill spends such a time getting the running order of his releases to his liking. It's a real balancing act to get the 'flow' and 'feel' of a CD just right. You don't want tracks that jarr against each other. Hopefully I've got a good balance of soft and hard with this running order. Here's a CD that I've called, 'Songs From Over The Years'. It's a constant companion in my car. Have you made up your own CD of faves? I'd be interested to see what you've chosen. Sex Magic I Hear Electricity Tonight Picasso Dreams The Land Of Dreams Is Closed God Man Slain Mystery Vortex (Oberon Touchstone) No Time Says The Clock Where Are We Now The Flower Thief Heaven Takes No Prisoners Slumberlite She Dreams Of Fires When Accident Became My Bride Once More Around The Moon The Silver Darkness Whispers Yes The Golden Days Of Radio (Compact Mix) Big Yellow Moon Angels In Arcadia If only CDs could hold slightly more data, then I'd also include, The Invisible Man And The Unforgettable Girl and my personal combination mix of ... 'Down Comes The Rain', with - 'More Rain' cleverly spliced into the middle of it. I use Adobe Audition for this kind of jiggery-pokery. I must loudly state here that this compilation CD is just for my own listening pleasure. Looks like I'll be making up another fave song collection.

If you have an entertainment system in the car that uses SD cards, the sky's the limit! I use 32gb cards and even with FLAC files, can fit on many hours.

Jul 19

I have used the following compilation titles for BN "non album" tracks


Be Bop Deluxe - This Guitar does not Lie

Red Noise to the 90's - Switch to Voltage

ABM Fan Club - I Like What I See

BN Free Downloads - Dreamsville



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  • In case you missed the announcement, the video of Bill’s live solo performance from the Old Haunts CD launch party, has now been made available to view ‘On Demand’. If you’ve already subscribed, you should be able to log in and watch straight away. Sign up to watch as many times as you like until the end of the year! Full details are here:- https://www.billnelson.com/old-haunts-streaming
  • Was watching You Tube just now and a great hour long video popped up all by itself! Visions, Hauntings, Hallucinations. Watching it now. Thanks Bill!
  • Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone for their amazing kindness and warmth our family received last Saturday in Leeds . As a lifelong fan of Bill Nelson it was an honour to be invited to the Old Haunts Event to represent our daughter`s charity Sara`s Hope Foundation A sincere thank you to Bill for his loyal support and having Bill as a Patron of Sara`s charity means so much to me and my family .Through Bill's music I have met so many amazing people who we consider family . Ian Haydock, Eddie McSheffrey,Duncan Noons, Paul Gilby,Jon Wallinger,Martin Bostock, Caroline and Colin Hunter are such a great team and a lovely bunch of warm hearted people who always organise a wonderful event ..right from the Nelsonica`s to the recent event. All of friends really are good people and it was fab seeing old and new faces .I must say a big thank you to a great guy Mike Robinson for donating the magnificent guitar which Bill kindly personalised with his unique style of artwork. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets for the charity prize draw and congratulations to the worthy winner.Another special guy who is a loyal supporter of Sara`s charity Paul Cosgrove presented us with a cheque for 322.50 from his work and our lovely friend from Ireland made a cash donation - Thank you Eugene and Noleen ! In total the charity raised an amazing 1679.50 GBP... We were over the moon but not surprised as Bill and his Nelsonian family have always been very generous to our daughters charity . Bill was is superb form and we loved every second of his live performance and were blown away with the Old Haunts album ...a magical and memorable day So thank you Bill , Emi ,Elle Elliot and Julia for your kindness and to Bill for making music which is both magical , unique and always connects with my heart - See you next year Warmest wishes Ged Julie Sara Mark and Faye xxxxx

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