May 10

An interview with Bill for 'Mix' magazine

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Just to draw your attention to a link that has been added to the Archive section of the website, to a pretty lengthy interview Bill has done for 'Mix' magazine...

Check it out here.

That was really interesting. Thanks for posting. For folks who are into the semi-technical aspects and studio trivia like this, I heartily recommend "The Great British Recording Studios" by Howard Massey- all the layouts and gear specs, interviews with the producers, engineers, and musicians, great pics and loads of interesting colorful vignettes. Theyre all here- Sound Techniques, De Lane Lea, Morgan, Olympic, Trident, AIR, Sound Techniques, Pye, Decca, Phillips, Apple and every other studio from the early days to the present I could think of. Forward by Sir George Martin. A very cool book and I wonder what became of all the awesome analog gear.

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