Jun 22

Adventures in a New York Landscape


Edited: Jun 22

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery -- I have just posted a new tribute video of Bill playing "Adventures..." It takes place in New York and is part of a fantasy series where Bill gets to play with David Bowie and other artists. Obviously nothing is real, but if anybody is interested in seeing the rest of the series please let me know.




Here is the video that follows "Adventures..." There is one last video of "Ships in the Night" but you have to go to Count Vlad's Youtube channel to see it.


One last thing. The music in these videos was done in a hurry. The performances are good though the sounds are a bit lacking. If anybody wants to collaborate with me to redo the sounds, I'd be open to the idea. You can let me know by email.




New Posts
  • Here is a flyer for my 'AUDITORIA' album which features a shot of Wakefield's 'Regal' ABC Cinema from the 1950s. I performed on that stage as a schoolboy in my band 'The Cosmonauts' and later with 'Group 66' and 'The Gibson Trio,' (when my mother and father sat in the balcony to watch me play.) Back then it looked as grand and glamorous as it does in this photo' but now it's a sad ruin and looks as if demolition is on the cards. Such is life...
  • Just received a note from Burning Shed that my copy of “Old Haunts” has been shipped. .
  • Available from Etsy ... https://tinyurl.com/yhxumw88

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