Mar 15

A weird, wonderful, moderately priced guitar


Recently discovered this striking instrument by NK Guitars, an independent Chinese company. It's from their Club range which retail around £300 (plus import duties). It has a dual coil splitter operated by an outie tone control, two decent quality stock humbuckers and a unique tuning system operated by a tiny tuning 'crank' which is magnetically housed in a recess in the side of the bridge when not in use. Build quality is variable, so a set-up is necessary, but once that's done, it's a smart guitar.





Oct 6

Interesting the way it stands independent of a stand. Interesting balance of weight and moods. What’s its name? I’ll look it up.

It's an NK Club. It comes in a variety of colour combinations and usually without the acoustic hole.

I will say it has been a pig to get set up, but once it's right, it's a decent sounding guitar.

Hmmmm, variant of a Steinberger headless guitar ...

Oct 16

Good point

Oct 16Edited: Oct 16

Up to a point, but the tuning system is unique and you only need ordinary single ball strings, whereas you need double ball strings for the Steinberger.

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