Feb 21



Just would like to point out that the two colourful guitars to the left and right of this central forum page are instruments which were generously given to me by fans for my 70th birthday celebrations.


The white and green one on the left is a Backlund Super 100 model, (made by Eastwood Guitars,) and the red and white one on the right is a 'Space Cadet', made by Musicvox guitars. I've been using both instruments on a couple of recent recordings but the Musicvox is now over at 'Single Coil Guitar Repairs' in Leeds having a Duesenberg 'Les Trem' vibrato fitted, along with a complete fret dress and set-up. I'm hoping to get this back sometime next week when it will once again be pressed into service in my studio.


So, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all the fans who contributed towards these two wonderful gifts. I'll always treasure them as a reminder of what kind and warm people you all are...thanks so much!

At the rehearsal for 'Plectronica.' Me and my camera. (Photo by Martin Bostock. Image manipulation by myself.)

Is there a funding site where I can still contribute to this worthy cause?

Feb 21

Sorry Irwin, the 'worthy cause' is now completed, it was arranged during the lead-up to Plectronica last year, secretly inviting fans to contribute to Bill's birthday present (if they so wished).

The response was so amazing that not only was enough money raised to buy the intended Backlund Super 100, but there was enough for Bill to buy the second guitar! 🎸


I see Eastwood are taking preorders for a new Backlund 100 bass.

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