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Hired History Plus

album - 2019

Fiat Lux

Hired History Plus - Cover (W)


01)  Secrets

02)  Photography

03)  Blue Emotion (12" Version)

04)  Comfortable Life

05)  Sleepless Nightmare (12" Version)

06)  Aqua Vitae

07)  Feels Like Winter Again

08)  This Illness

09)  Photography (Unreleased Bill Nelson Version)

10)  Comfortable Life (Unreleased Bill Nelson 12" Version)

11)  House Of Thorns

12)  Sleepless Nightmare

13)  Three's Company

14)  House Of Thorns (12" Version)

15)  Solitary Lovers (12" Version)

16)  No More Proud (Proud Mix)

17)  No More Proud (Dub Mix)

18)  Sally Free And Easy


01)  The Moment

02)  Breaking The Boundary

03)  Blue Emotion

04)  Embers

05)  No More Proud

06)  Photography

07)  Splurge

08)  Secrets

09)  Aqua Vitae

10)  In The Heat Of The Night

11)  Solitary Lovers


Producer on four tracks, Disc One's 'Feels Like Winter Again', 'This Illness', 'Photography' and 'Comfortable Life'.


The tracks Nelson produced were originally recorded in 1983, but remained unreleased until 2019 with the release of this record.

Steve Wright & David Crickmore:

"...We have been able to include our earlier work with Bill Nelson as producer. Not only the debut independent single on Bill's Cocteau label 'Feels Like Winter Again' b/w 'This Illness', but also the original Bill Nelson produced version of 'Photography' (b/w 'Comfortable Life'), which was commissioned to be our next single when we first signed to Polydor – a plan soon abandoned by the company in favour of a remake with Hugh Jones at the controls. Riding on the Indie chart success of our debut, Bill's 'Photography' followed the brief to "make it sound like 'Feels Like Winter Again'." We even returned to the same modest local Leeds studio. It is a notable inclusion to this collection as it marks the first time Ian Nelson blew a saxophone on one of our recordings and you can hear that his lovely end solo idea survives right through from Bill's prototype to the bigger budget Hugh Jones replacement version."

"It wasn't our first attempt at the number ('Comfortable Life') – Bill Nelson had offered his production of it as the intended B-side of 'Photography', recorded at the same sessions at Ric Rac in Leeds. Unheard until its inclusion here is that unreleased master in its 12" mix form (Polydor never commissioned the 7" edit from it).

It comes with the heavy disclaimer that 'Blue Monday' was hot off the press and extremely influential at the time!"

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