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Dreamsville Staff

A who's who of all things Nelsonic

Bill Nelson_edited_edited.jpg
Bill Nelson

The Boss

Whip-cracking and keeping everyone in line!

Jon Wallinger - webmaster of Dreamsville
Jon Wallinger


After being involved with various Bill Nelson related projects for almost 30 years, Jon has been tasked with building, updating and maintaining the Dreamsville website and Bill's Bandcamp digital download site. He also coordinates Bill's CD manufacturing with Burning Shed.

Please use the contact form to report any website issues.

Martin Bostock 2_edited.jpg
Martin Bostock

Photography & Album Cover Design

Nelsonica team member Martin is also Bill's first choice of photographer. His extensive work with Bill can be found throughout this website. He also works closely with Bill on the package design for his albums.

John Spence_edited.jpg
John Spence

Sound & Recording Engineer

Based at Fairview Studios, John has been recording and CD mastering engineer for Bill's albums for many years, he is also sound engineer for Bill's live appearances.

Ian Haydock_edited.jpg
Ian Haydock

Live Event Coordinator

Ian has been a crucial part of the Nelsonica team for many years and is currently managing Bill's CD Launch Party Events. 

Eddie McSheffrey

Nelsonica Team

If you've got a Bill Nelson related question...Eddie will know! He knows stuff about the music of Bill Nelson that even Bill doesn't know. He has been involved with the Nelsonica team from the start and is the man you have to 'get past' at any live event, so pray he likes the look of you!

Big Dunc_edited_edited.jpg
'Big' Dunc Noons

Nelsonica Team

Big Dunc has been involved with the Nelsonica team longer than anybody can remember, he can be found at any live event extracting money out of anyone who happens to wander too close to the merchandise stall.

Paul Gilby_edited.jpg
Paul Gilby

Sound On sound

Paul's roles have included co-ordinating the CD manufacture of Bill's music, website maintenance and technical support, video projection at live events and he is a long standing member of the Nelsonica team.

Tony Adamo B&W_edited.jpg
Tony Adamo


Tony looks after the merchandise stall at live events, he also has to look after Big Dunc to make sure he doesn't get up to any mischief.

Andy Newlove.jpg
Andy Newlove

Guitar Technician

Andy has the task of preparing and maintaining Bill's guitars and on-stage equipment throughout his live shows...A task made trickier by the fact that Bill usually likes to use a different guitar for each track!

Stephen Weis


For the last few years, the live event posters, tickets, badges etc. have been designed by Stephen.

His fantastic design are now also gracing some of the official merchandise available in the Dreamsville Store.

John Fisher_edited.jpg
John Fisher

Assistant Web Designer

After John spent 18 months building an extremely extensive downloadable Bill Nelson Discography & Guide, Bill thought it would be a fantastic idea if it could somehow be incorporated into the website.

This was the catalyst that drove us to start from scratch with a new website and John's initial work produced the foundations for new and improved discography, which can be found in the 'Music' section.


The Dreamsville design team would like to express a special word of thanks to John Goddard, who spent endless hours archiving Bill's fan magazines and also scanning hundreds of covers from his extensive collection of Bill's music for this website.


The initial information featured in the Dreamsville Discography was pulled from Northern Dreamer - A guide to the music of Bill Nelson, created by John Fisher and Mick Winsford. 

Mick wrote the album notes, while John was responsible for gathering the other elements and construction. 

They would like to thank the following members of the Guide Team for their advice and technical assistance:-

Above and beyond the call:

Phil (Wadcorp)
Jim (James Warner)

Tom (Parsongs)
Jon (The Mayor)
Jeremy (Iron Man No. 28)

John (Puzzleoyster)


And the rest of the Guide Team, who assisted with the album suggestions:-

Adam (Chimera Man)

Andy (andygeorge)

Bob (BobK)
Bruce (Merikan1)

Chris (Novemberman)

Dave (sauropod)

Ian (felixt1)
Keith (Returningman)

Mike (TheMikeN)

Neill (neill _burgess)


The foundation of the A-Z song list was compiled by:-

Benny (The Bronxapostle) 

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