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The Dreamer's Companion Volume Two

retrospective collection - 13 January 2014

Bill Nelson

In This I Reveal My Secret Identity cover
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01)  Superadventure (Sound On Sound) (Arcadian Salon)

02)  Once More Around The Moon (Monitor Mix) (Dream Transmission Pavilion)

03)  Never A Dull Day (For Les Paul) (Here Comes Mr Mercury)

04)  Everything Changes With The Weather (Fantasmatron)

05)  Neil Young (Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus)

06)  Pilgrim (Gleaming Without Lights)

07)  Mystery Vortex (Oberon Touchstone) (Clocks And Dials)

08)  The Darcy Bussell Rubberwear Fantasia (Theatre Of Falling Leaves)

09)  Clocks Wind Slow (Clocks And Dials)

10)  Young Dreams Whirled Away (Silvertone Fountains)

11)  Merry Are The Windblown Crows (Model Village)

12)  Steam Radio Blues (Return To Jazz Of Lights)

13)  The Sky, The Sea, The Moon And Me (Alchemical Adventures Of Sailor Bill)

14)  Wonder Of The Moment (Luxury Lodge)


The Dreamer's Companion is a three volume series of compilation albums designed to introduce both new and lapsed fans to Nelson's recordings from the 21st Century. These are significant in that they represent the point where Nelson embraced the notion of downloading as a way of generating additional interest in his music.    

Prior to their announcement in August 2013, there had been frequent mention by fans of the advantages that Nelson would see from going down the download route, but the artist consistently resisted doing so on the basis that he remained unconvinced that it would yield much in the way of sales. What seemed to change his opinion, or at least convince him to give it a go, was a Be Bop Deluxe Facebook page which clearly indicated that there are a significant number of fans who knew little of Nelson's work over the previous 30 years.

Nelson therefore set about compiling three volumes in The Dreamer's Companion series that provided a detailed overview of his output since 2003. Even for fans who had rediscovered Nelson's music at some point in the period from 2003 to 2013, these offer some out of print material. And for the lapsed fans that knew nothing at all from this period, they offer them a chance to find out precisely what they have been missing. For those who aren't willing or able to spend £30 on a full set, each volume of The Dreamer's Companion is available at £10 each.

The 42 tracks featured are taken from a total of 28 different albums, and provide a healthy mixture of vocal and instrumental pieces covering a range of styles and moods.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the
Dreamsville Store.



"There's nothing difficult or tricky about any of my music, it's all very easy to listen to. I certainly don't aim at purely esoteric targets, I just make pop music with a twist. But, if you're feeling a bit nervous about buying some albums, it doesn't get less esoteric than Fancy Planets, Joy Through Amplification, and Songs of the Blossom Tree Optimists. Easy listening all! Or, to get a great overview of my 21st Century recordings, try downloading the digital three volume compilation set, The Dreamers Companion from Bandcamp. It acts as a really nice taster or 'grazing' menu. A bit of everything on there."

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