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Gone to Earth

album - 1986

David Sylvian

David Sylvian - Gone to Earth cover


Guitar on six songs: "Before the Bullfight", "Wave", "Silver Moon", "The Healing Place", "Answered Prayers" and "Sunlight Seen Through Towering Trees".  Bill also receives a co-writing credit on "Answered Prayers".


"Working with David on those tracks from 'Gone To Earth' was fairly straightforward and comfortable.  The tracks were in a sort of skeletal state and I was given the freedom to play whatever I felt would work.  Various takes were made of the guitar with slightly different approaches which David later would sort through and compile to frame the song.  I believe the same approach was taken with regard to Robert Fripp's guitar on the album.  It's a kind of 'painterly' approach using spontaneous, intuitive brush strokes and then seeing where they lead, before shaping up the final composition."

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