Clocks & Dials

Bill Nelson

double album - 1 November 2008

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01)  Thunder Heralds The Fairylight Parade

02)  Mystery Vortex (Oberon Touchstone)

03)  Test Card

04)  Clear Skies A' Coming

05)  Rain Made Us Shine

06)  Music For A Victorian Steam Cottage

07)  A Town Called Blue Tomorrow

08)  Searching For An Island Off The Coast Of Dreams

09)  Signals From Earth

10)  Frankie Surfs The Milky Way

11)  I Travel At Night

12)  Just A Kid And All That Sky

13)  Rain Falls Fast On Faded Ruin

14)  Artismo Loco

15)  Dynatron Blues

16)  No Time Says The Clock (Version 1)

17)  How Many Miles To Babylon

18)  The Rainiest Day In The World

19)  Twang Rings True


01)  The Phonograph Bird

02)  The Experimental Time Traveller

03)  Dig The Sparkles

04)  The Golden Roundabout Rides Again

05)  Mellophonia

06)  Electric Trains, Clean Oceans, Clear Skies, Pure Air

07)  Yonder Gleams Your Star

08)  Cinnamon And Mint

09)  The Marvellous Model Kit

10)  Curate's Egg In Cup Of Grass

11)  Rocket Billy Blues

12)  Distant Years From Now

13)  A Certain Thought Passed Through My Mind

14)  Oh Moon In The Night I Have Seen Thee Sailing

15)  Clocks Wind Slow

16)  Strange And Wonderful (That's My Life)

17)  A Million Moonlight Miles

18)  The Silver Darkness Whispers Yes

19)  No Time Says The Clock (Version 2)


Clocks and Dials is a vocal album issued exclusively for Nelsonica '08 on the Discs of Ancient Odeon label.  As with the previous year's convention exclusive, Clocks and Dials was pressed in a print run of 1000 copies to avoid the clamour for copies after Nelsonica, and the price of second hand copies escalating on eBay.  Clocks and Dials stands alone within the body of Nelsonica releases as the only 2CD set among them, and was presented in a special fold out digipack sleeve.

The album was recorded concurrently with Golden Melodies of Tomorrow and had a number of working titles (In The Realm of the Unreal; The Experimental Time Traveller; Signals From Earth; and Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms) before Nelson settled on Clocks and Dials.  

As soon as Nelsonica was over, the remaining copies of Clocks and Dials were sold through S.O.S, and on January 3rd, 2013, an announcement was made on the Dreamsville Forum that the album had completely sold out.

A small number of purchasers reported playback issues, which were attributed to the inability of older CD players to cope with the lengthy playing time, rather than there being any fault with the discs.


Available for purchase as a digital download here in the Dreamsville Store.

Dreamshire Chronicles, Blip!, Blip 2, Golden Melodies of Tomorrow, Fantasmatron, Shining Reflector,
Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms, Secret Club For Members Only, Astral Motel


"Several of the Clocks and Dials tracks were originally destined for Golden Melodies...However, the fact that those particular tracks were left off Golden Melodies had nothing to do with incompatibility, technical quality or conceptual suitability.  They were shunted to 'C+D' simply because there wasn't enough space to include them.

Nevertheless, these related Clocks and Dials tracks come from the same time and place, they spring from the Golden Melodies sessions and sensibilities, from the same concept."

"There's certainly a psychedelic pop flavour to many of the tracks.  It's quite a technicolour dream in some ways."



"Have just listened to Clocks & Dials...There's so much inspiration and invention here that most other artists would be happy to create such an album as a 'regular' release [rather than a free CD to Nelsonica attendees].  Favourites after first listening: the somewhat dark and melancholy "Rain Falls Fast on Faded Ruin", the utterly beautiful "Cinnamon and Mint", and one of the most immediately catchy songs Bill ever wrote, "No Time Says the Clock" (both versions).  Ah, great stuff!  Perhaps the best Nelsonica album ever.  I guess when the muse kisses Bill, she does it wholeheartedly."

Paul Andrews:

"This really is a stonking album.  When I play CD2 I keep getting stuck on "The Experimental Time Traveller" - it's so good I can't get past it!  Knowing that "Curate's Egg in Cup of Grass" is just down the musical road does help though.

Clocks and Dials is an enormous piece of work.  I need to spend more time with it to get everything that lies within it to the fore.  Can you slow down a bit Bill?  I'm trying to catch up you know!"

Mick Winsford:

"Having listened again to this album this evening I simply want to say that this is definitely my favourite Bill Nelson album since Orpheus, and one of the best of his career.

It's just full of all of the things that have kept me tuned into Bill's music since January 1976.  I refuse to swear in case it offends anyone but it's a %*&£$#^ great album!"


"I love all three discs [the 2CD C&D + Golden Melodies].  A very fine effort.  I'm afraid of wearing them out, playing them so much!"


"I'm halfway through my second listen (I was in the living room at 5 this morning, headphones on, cat asleep on my chest), and am enjoying these very much.  Too much goodness, too many great songs, to name...just more wonders from the amazing Mr. N!"


"Bravo Bill.  For my personal taste, it's the best in a while.  Very versatile sounds throughout.  I even detected a bit of a 'Be-Bop Deluxe' style in a few of the tracks.  Outstanding offering."


"Wow...absolutely brilliant.  My favourite BN release for some time."

Tony M:

"There is so much music here that I had previously listened to one CD at a time, with too long a break in between listenings.  As with all of Bill's recordings, something new with each listen.  Nothing better than a cruise down the highway with the volume up near 10!  So many good songs and many new favorites.  One that sticks with me is "Artismo Loco".  The guitar playing is fantastic.  This song could go on forever, way too short.  Many other gems on this one.  Looking forward to my next long drive."


"Fundertuneful bundliscious warm and fuzzy specialty assorted ice creamy dreams of sailships and boats with steams that are quite content with wallace and grommeting their way thru skyscape city tides, waving the pearlescent sandy beaches treasured with half-buried bottles containing watery journeys yet to be unraveled and traveled from whence they came...the other side of the world, or universe?

A time travelers dream!!!!

Wow, Mr. nelson...WOW.  There are so many of yours that are crowding my top 10 list by now, I just as soon float gently on a breeze, and love them all with gracious equalities."

steve lyles:

"I listened to Clocks and Dials a couple of weeks back and didn't move a muscle through the whole of cd 1...better than any drug or drink I've ever had..."

Alan Cawthorne:

"I find this album a very confident release.  Mr Bill seems full of good tunes, screaming guitars and frantic beats (Always welcome), and dare I say it full of sex the way he sings certain songs...Talk about an album crammed with tunes...!!  A thoroughly nice and warm listen.  And not a filler in sight!"


"The happiness approaches urgency at times on Clocks and Dials.  Some great lyrics, singing and melodies, too.  Frantic details swimming around every track."

"No Time Says the Clock [Version 1]":  "is a Psychedelic Pop Classic.  A hit."


"Every single song is tremendously enjoyable.  The trilogy of "Blue Tomorrow", "Island Off the Coast of Dreams", and "Signals from Earth" are some of the most beautiful signals I've ever received.  I think that "Signals from Earth" was written especially for me as it's now my favorite BN song.  And I can't say directly why.  It's just the feeling I get within when listening to it."

Chimera Man:

"Highlight in particular for me is "Frankie Surfs the Milky Way" - what an absolute gem of a song.  Lovely guitar sound, fab "pop" song really, and it bounces along with an uplifting sense that can only put a smile on your face.

I kind of have an image of Bill in a big cowboy hat, sat in a rocking chair out on the veranda of some isolated farmhouse in the American midwest with a broad grin on his face playing this, just as dusk is settling...whoever Frankie is passes by overhead, catches the sound, stops, winks at him and moves on swiftly as Emi emerges with a mug of some warm beverage for her beloved !!"

Gavin Baker:

"Playing it last night for the first time I had 2 favorites materialise immediately.  "Clear Skies a Coming" & "The Silver Darkness Whispers Yes".  Loads of stuff on here & a grand mixture to boot!  After one hearing I would recommend this to any of you that haven't got it.



"Ah, but the best track is "Mystery Vortex".  What a masterpiece.  One of Bill's best ever in my opinion."

play my theremin:

"This is a terrific album, one of my favourites by any artist...Its absence would leave a large gap in any BN fan's collection as far as I'm concerned."

major snagg:

"Bill is an ARTIST who's main medium is sound."


© Bill Nelson 2020

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