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Air Age Anthology

retrospective 2CD collection - 17 February 1997

Be Bop Deluxe

Air Age Anthology cover


1-01)  Axe Victim

1-02)  Love With The Madman

1-03)  Sister Seagull

1-04)  Heavenly Homes

1-05)  Ships In The Night

1-06)  Twilight Capers

1-07)  Kiss Of Light

1-08)  Crying To The Sky

1-09)  Sleep That Burns

1-10)  Life In The Air Age (Live)

1-11)  Electrical Language

1-12)  Panic In The World

1-13)  Maid In Heaven

1-14)  Between The Worlds

1-15)  Blazing Apostles

1-16)  Lovers Are Mortal

1-17)  Down On Terminal Street

1-18)  Darkness (L'immoraliste)




​2-01)  Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

2-02)  Night Creatures

2-03)  Music In Dreamland

2-04)  Jean Cocteau

2-05)  Beauty Secrets

2-06)  Life In The Air Age

2-07)  Speed Of The Wind

2-08)  Modern Music

2-09)  Dancing In The Moonlight

2-10)  Honeymoon On Mars

2-11)  Lost In The Neon World

2-12)  Dance Of The Uncle Sam Humanoids

2-13)  Modern Music (Reprise)

2-14)  Fair Exchange (Live)

2-15)  Autosexual

2-16)  New Mysteries

2-17)  Surreal Estate

2-18)  Islands Of The Dead

2-19)  Visions Of Endless Hopes

2-20)  The Bird Charmers Destiny

2-21)  The Gold At The End Of My Rainbow


Air Age Anthology is a double CD compilation offering the new listener a thorough introduction to Be Bop Deluxe. No room was found for any rarities, but three tracks came with previously unheard studio talk (Nelson counting in a couple of tracks, and ending one take with the observation "we'll keep that one"). The set was enhanced by a nicely illustrated booklet with a sleeve notes written by Kevin Cann.



36 of the 39 tracks on this compilation album were taken from the six albums released in the band's lifetime (issued between 1974 and 1978), with the remaining 3 tracks originally released on The Best Of and the Rest Of double album (1978). See individual entries of those albums for full details including vinyl editions of the same material.



This compilation is now out of print in physical form, but is available to download from online stores.

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