Where Are They Now?

People always ask me, "whatever happened to...." all the people who Bill has worked with over the years.  Hopefully this section will answer your questions.  If you know of anything that can be confirmed, or if you're one of these people, or are omitted, please let me know at webmaster@billnelson.com.

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Northern Dream era:

Gareth Eilledge died in 1991.

Be Bop Deluxe era:

Richard Brown
Was in Gentle Revolution with Bill.  Left Be Bop Deluxe after the first fourteen concerts and before Axe Victim was recorded.  Unknown since leaving Be Bop Deluxe

Robert Bryan
Author/singer of "Rocket Cathedrals" track on Axe Victim.  In his own words, from February 1999:
"I did produce a few bands in the 80's but nothing ever came of it, but kept on playing until last year. It's somewhat scary but I called my studio (32 track analog/digital) Atom Records some three years ago and my label has the same name.  Currently we are working with a few Nottingham based bands which are producing fresh music, nothing like the old days but then Axe Victim was once fresh.  One of the bands has a great keyboard player who just happens to be my son.  Hoping that he can get the same kind of buzz from his first album that we all got from Axe Victim."

Ian Parkin
Continued as a musician, playing with various groups in clubs.  The rhythm guitarist in the first lineup of Be Bop Deluxe died in July, 1995 at the age of 45. He left a wife and two children.

Nicholas Chatterton-Dew
Drummer up until Axe Victim. 

From the Holyground guestbook Nick Dew wrote:  "After Be Bop, I returned to teaching & joined 'Biffo', with Alan Robinson, Dave Wilson & Mick Spurr. I met Dave at Alan's 50th party & we vowed to stay in touch!(the ramblings of old men!!) I'm still drumming, on & off, having been with the 'East River Blues Band' since '93 & helping former colleagues with school productions. Yes folks, I used to be a teacher, but I'm much better now, thankyou!"

Paul Jeffreys
Previously with Cockney Rebel.  Played bass with Be Bop Deluxe for ten shows inbetween Axe Victim and Futurama. Later played in Chartreuse in the late 1970's. Died in December 1988 in the bombing of the Pan Am airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Milton Reame-James
Previously with Cockney Rebel.  Played keyboards with Be Bop Deluxe for ten shows inbetween Axe Victim and Futurama. Later played in Chartreuse in the late 1970's. Now in a band called Banana Rebel.

Simon Fox
Pre-Be Bop was in Hackensack.  After leaving BeBop, Simon Fox played drums with the Trevor Rabin Band on tour in the UK. I reckon it must have been 1979 or so. Bebop was finished and I saw the TR band supporting Steve Hillage at Leeds University one Saturday night. SH was touring his "Open" album so that would date it precisely. Fox later played drums with a band called Blazer, Blazer (that's two blazers with a comma between them). They gigged around quite a lot in 1979/80.  They headlined at the Marquee at one point and might have released at least a single before disbanding.  Fox then played on Jack Green's 1981 album Reverse Logic.  Later he played with The Pretty Things.  Fox also played a tour with the band Electric Sun in 1983 (Sweden/UK) which featured had two drummers (Clive Bunker and Simon Fox).

Charlie Tumahai
Charlie played with Tandoori Cassette, a band formed with ex-Jethro Tull drummer Barriemore Barlow and ex-SAHB guitarist Zal Cleminson.  They recorded one single called Angel Talk in 1981.  Tumahai later played with The Dukes, who released a self-titled album on Warner Brothers in 1982. After moving from England back to his native New Zealand in 1985, he became lead singer and songwriter for a popular local Maori band, Herbs.  Tumahai died suddenly of a heart attack on December 21, 1995. He was at Auckland, New Zealand, District Court where he was the member of a volunteer organization to help members of the Ngati Whatua tribe. His death came as a shock to family and friends because he had been in good health and practiced yoga. He is survived by his wife, Susan, and two children.

Andy (Simon) Clark(e)
After Red Noise, played on David Bowie's 1980 album Scary Monsters.  Also played keyboards on the dB's albums Stands for Decibels and Repercussion, as well as albums by Nico, Judie Tzuke, and Loz Netto.  In the early 80's he was writing jingles and theme tunes for television in addition to session work.

Apparantly in the mid-1980's Andy may have changed his stage name back to Simon Clark and worked on a number of albums, including So by Peter Gabriel, Seeds of Love by Tears For Fears (also sessioning was Kate St. John), Circle of One by Oleta Adams, Lion by Youssou N'dour, Rust by Kevin Brown, 1234 by Propaganda, Phoenix by Xymox, and Square The Circle by Joan Armatrading (also sessioning was Mick Karn), and Roaring Fourties by Peter Hammill.  Today he lives in Bath, England and works at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios near Box.

Mick Close
Played rhythm guitar with Be Bop Deluxe on several 1978 BBC Radio 1 recordings.

"I still see Mick Close from time to time and he is well, and still playing a lot.........he does cruises etc"

Stuart Monks
Was Bill's guitar technician during the Be Bop Deluxe days.  Brother of Jan Monks, Bill's second wife.  Still works on instruments for numerous musicians.

Ian McLintock
Producer of Axe Victim.  Unknown since then.

Roy Thomas Baker
Produced the troubled Futurama sessions. You can see why Bill might have had artistic differences with him.  Produced Queen's "A Night At The Opera" and "Jazz", The Cars's debut album, "Candy-O", and "Shake It Up", Journey's "Infinity" and "Evolution", Foreigner's "Head Games", Ozzy Osbourne's "No Rest For The Wicked", and some band called Sprung Monkey.

John Leckie
Started his career as an engineer for Pink Floyd's Meddle in 1971.  Produced Sunburst Finish, Modern Music, Live In the Air Age, Drastic Plastic, and Red Noise's Sound On Sound album.  Also produced XTC's debut, White Music, and follow-up, Go 2, as well as alter-ego band Dukes of Stratosphere. Constantly in-demand as a producer even these days.  Produced the Stone Roses's debut album, The Verve's "Storm In Heaven", Ride's "Carnival of Light", Cast's "All Change", Radiohead's "The Bends", Kula Shaker's "K", and mixed Spiritualized's, "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space".

Red Noise era:

Ian Nelson
Bill's younger brother.  First session was "Ships In The Night".  Later played in Fiat Lux in the early 80's and Bolt From The Blue in the early 90's, and currently the 3D's.  Also did session work with The Colourfield on their 1985 Virgins and Philistines album. Was to be a member of a new version of Be Bop Deluxe in 1990 but the project never got off the ground.  A few months ago Ian signed on full-time with Moonstone, and is plays with them.  He is also a member of The Lost Satellites that performed at the Nelsonica 02 and 03 events.  Still teaches college.

Dave Mattacks
Legendary session drummer.  Started out with Fairport Convention, ended up working with tons of people: Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson, Linda Thompson, Spirogyra, John Martyn, Paul Simon, Joan Armatrading, Chris DeBurgh, Phil Manzanera, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Cat Stevens, Chris Rea, Brian Eno, Peter Green, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Nick Heyward, Dream Academy, Proclaimers, XTC, etc etc.

Rick Ford
Bass guitarist.  Previously played in Hazel O'Connor's band.  Later joined Joe Jackson's band up until 1989's Blaze of Glory album.  Today he is composing soundtrack music for the entertainment industry in California.

Steve Peer
Steve Peer runs an indie record label in Maine, USA called Reversing Recordings.  He is also in a new band called Puzzle Monkey.  Visit their web site at www.puzzlemonkey.com.  Also check out the TV Toy channel (the band Peer was in before Red Noise)

Solo years:

Bogdan Wiczling (Bob Schilling)
Played drums on "The October Man".  Previously with Fingerprintz.  Also played with Adam Ant.

Merrick (Chris Hughes)
He played with Bill on the version of "Eros Arriving" on The Two-Fold Aspect Of Everything.  He's best known for his time with Adam & The Ants, but he's also produced the most recent Paul Young album, produced a heap of "Tears For Fears" stuff.  The phrase "Produced by Chris Hughes and Ross Cullum" should be familiar too: the Associates version of "Heart Of Glass", Tori Amos, Howard Jones, the Human League (Octopus), Peter Gabriel, Ric Ocasek.

Yukihiro Takahashi
Gave Bill drum tracks which later became the basis of the Chimera EP.  Previously with the Sadistic Mika Band.  More famous as a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, which Bill toured with in the early 80's.

Preston Heyman
Percussionist on the Chimera EP and Getting The Holy Ghost Across/On A Blue Wing album.  Previously with Atomic Rooster.  Also played with Bryan Ferry, Kate Bush, Tom Robinson, Mike Oldfield, The Colourfield, Sheila Chandra, Del Amitri, Terence Trent D'Arby, Richard Thompson, The Waterboys, etc etc.

Mick Karn
Extraordinary bassist with the bands Japan and Rain Tree Crow.  Played on the track "Glow World" on the Chimera EP.  Was a member of Dali's Car with ex-Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy. Also played with Gary Numan, Midge Ure, Mark Isham, David Torn, Joan Armatrading, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, among others.

Andy Davis
Keyboards on Getting The Holy Ghost Across/On A Blue Wing.  Previously played with Stackridge, the Korgis, and Tears For Fears.  Here's a small web page on Andy.

Dick Morrissey
Saxophonist on Getting The Holy Ghost Across/On A Blue Wing.  Long career.  Worked with Georgie Fame, If, Peter Gabriel, Jon Anderson, Gary Numan, Paul McCartney, and many others.  He passed away on November 8, 2000.  He had been ill for some time which had prevented him from regularly performing in recent years.

Peter Geeves
Did the gorgeous violin solo on the track "Wildest Dreams" on the Getting The Holy Ghost Across/On A Blue Wing album.  He was the orange guy who slapped people in British tv's 'You Know You've Been Tango'd' advertisment

Iain Denby
Bass guitarist. Started working with Bill on Living For The Spangled Moment in 1983; did 1984 tour; and played on Getting The Holy Ghost Across/On A Blue Wing.  Was to be a member of a new version of Be Bop Deluxe in 1990 but the project never got off the ground.  Now has an architecture design business and not involved in music, although he does read these web pages.

David Cook
Octopad on "Old Goat" on After The Satellite Sings.  Also played some live Jazz Cafe gigs as a drummer for Channel Light Vessel during their promotion of Automatic. 

John Spence
Engineer on most of Bill's 1990's studio albums (including both Channel Light Vessel albums and the Culturemix album).  Also worked with the Rhythm Sisters, March Violets, Toy Dolls, and the Russian band Nautilus Pompilius..

Channel Light Vessel:

Kate St. John:
Previously worked with the Dream Academy.  Has done much session work, including Modern English, Julian Cope, Julia Fordham, Connells, Morrissey, Blur, Jars of Clay, etc etc; and also being a part of Van Morrison's road band, included on his 1994 release A Night In San Francisco.  Released her first solo album, Indescribable Night, in 1995.  Her follow-up, Second Sight, in late 1997 on All Saints (UK) and Thirsty Ear (US). Featured on Roger Eno's 1998 solo album, Flatlands.

Roger Eno:
Brian's brother.  Previously worked with Daniel Lanois, Michael Brook, and Syd Straw.  Made a solo album, Swimming, released in 1996.  Also worked on Kate St. John's solo album, Second Sight.  In late 1997 (UK) and early 1998 (US) released an album he compiled and directed called The Music Of Neglected English Composers.  Solo album featuring Kate St John, entitled Flatlands, was released in November, 1998.

Achieved notoriety for his gorgeous album Day of Radiance (Ambient 3 in Brian Eno's series) in 1980. Did an album in 1995 with a Japanese group called Audio Active, titled The Way Out Is The Way In.  Released a gorgeous zither album, Cascade, in 1997.

Mayumi Tachibana:
Worked on Kate St. John's solo debut, Indescribable Night, in 1995.  Played on two tracks for the Japanese release of Excellent Spirits in 1996.

Ian Leese:
Played bass on about half of Excellent Spirits, as well as a couple tracks on the After The Satellite Sings sessions.  Previously with Hanson, Leese, and Bram Tchiakovsky, also sessioned on a couple albums for Vikki Clayton (she's now with Fairport Convention).  Also played some live Jazz Cafe gigs as a bassist for Channel Light Vessel during their promotion of Automatic.  He is also a member of The Lost Satellites, who have performed at the Nelsonica 02 and 03 events.  Visit Ian's web site which has links to pages with more information about his recent and current activities.

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