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The Music Of Bill Nelson [current available titles]

All CDs listed below are available to buy from the Dreamsville Store. Explore each title for a list of tracks and audio clips.

Download cover artwork for the entire Bill Nelson career catalogue - click here

CD Fantastic Guitars
Released July 2014
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CD Pedalscope
Released June 2014
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CD Plaything
Released Sept 2014
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CD Arcadian Salon
Re-released May 2014
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CD Altar Pieces
Released April 2014 Sonoluxe CD032
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CD The Dreamer's Companion Vol 1
Released January 2014 Sonoluxe CD029
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CD The Dreamer's Companion Vol 2
Released January 2014 Sonoluxe CD030
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CD The Dreamer's Companion Vol 3
Released January 2014 Sonoluxe CD031
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The Sparkle Machine
Released December 2013 Sonoluxe CD028

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CD Albion Dream Vortex
Released September 2013 Sonoluxe CD027
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CD Blip2 - The Tremulous Doo-Wah-Diddy
Released June 2013 Sonoluxe CD026
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CD Blip! - Digital Download re-release
Released June 2013 Sonoluxe CD025
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CD The Last Of The Neon Cynics - Digital Download Re-release
Released March 2013 Sonoluxe CD021
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CD The Dreamshire Chronicles
Released November 2012 Sonoluxe CD024
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CD Return To Tomorrow
Released October 2012 DOAO CD 007
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CD The Palace Of Strange Voltages
Released October 2012 Sonoluxe CD023
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CD Joy Through Amplification
Released July 2012 Sonoluxe CD022
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CD Songs Of The Blossom Tree Optimists
Released January 2012 Sonoluxe SLSCD 002
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CD Signals From Realms Of Light
Released October 2011 Sonoluxe CD020
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CD Model Village
Released October 2011 Sonoluxe SLSCD 001
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CD Fantasmatron
Released July 2011 Sonoluxe CD019
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capt_future CD Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus
Released Nov 2010 DOAO CD 006
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fables and dreams CD Fables and Dreamsongs
Released Nov 2010 Sonoluxe CD018
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Modern Moods CD Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms
Released Sept 2010 BSF CD001
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Picture Post CD Picture Post
Released Apr 2010 Sonoluxe CD017
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Non-Stop Mystery Action CD Non-Stop Mystery Action
Released Nov 2009 Sonoluxe CD016
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The Dream Transmission Pavilion CD The Dream Transmission Pavilion (Nelsonica 09)
Released Sept 2009 DOAO CD005
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Theatre Of Falling Leaves CD Theatre Of Falling Leaves
Released Sept 2009 Sonoluxe CD015
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Here Comes Mr Mercury CD Here Comes Mr Mercury
Released July 2009 Sonoluxe CD014
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Fancy Planets CD Fancy Planets
Released July 2009 Sonoluxe CD013
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Golden Melodies CD Golden Melodies Of Tomorrow
Released Nov 2008 Sonoluxe CD012
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Mazda Kaleidoscope CD Mazda Kaleidoscope
Released September 2008 Sonoluxe CD011
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Illuminated At Dusk CD Illuminated At Dusk
Released June 2008 Sonoluxe CD010
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Silvertone Fountains CD Silvertone Fountains
Released June 2008 Sonoluxe CD009
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And We Fell CD And We Fell Into A Dream
Released October 2007 Sonoluxe CD008
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Gleaming CD Gleaming Without Lights
Released April 2007 Sonoluxe CD006
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Gleaming CD Neptune's Galaxy
Original CD Released 2006 Sonoluxe CD004. Digital Download re-release
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Return To Jazz Of Lights The Alchemical Adventures Of Sailor Bill
Original CD Released 2005 Sonoluxe CD003. Digital Download re-release
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Orpheus Orpheus In Ultraland
Original CD Released 2005 DOAO CD001. Digital Download re-release
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Atom Shop CD Atom Shop
Released 1998
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What Now What Next CD What Now What Next
Compilation of tracks from 1980 to 1990 - Released 1998
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The tracks below are FREE Downloads
Hip Pocket Christmas single - 2012
FREE Christmas Single - 2012
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Hip Pocket Hip Pocket Jukebox
FREE mini Album - 2011
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FREE Xmas Single - 2010
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I Hear Electricity - Special FREE Download Single
Released Dec 2008
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